Colourful, fun and memorable workshops, particularly effective for organisations needing the convenience of shorter sessions but where subjects need to be taken to a more in-depth level.


Half Day Workshops

This approach is the perfect duration for reinforcing key issues. It allows for a very potent and flexible programme and can be mixed with 90 minute workshops for greater flexibility.

Half day sessions make knowledge retention of key points more likely, plus each workshop  includes a refresher session.

Workshops are delivered at your office at the time that disrupts the business least. This ensures no time lost in travel and no time wasted on peripheral activities such as catering. Set up is in our time not yours so employees are straight into the objectives.

Workshops are interactive and highly participative so are an ideal cross selling platform for businesses plus a great networking opportunity.

Workshop available:

Monday to Friday

Topics available:

All Topic Areas are available
as part of this workshop.



For more information on the availability of this workshop, please Call 01483 898 936.


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We offer personal and management development workshops using accelerated learning techniques that incorporate colour, sounds
and creativity:

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