90 Minutes Nuggets

We appreciate that in business time is of the essence, which is why all our training programmes are segmented into highly flexible Topic Areas and delivered in our unique ‘90 Minute Nuggets’ workshops.

This approach allows us to work with organisations to create highly effective interactive learning and development workshops which can be accommodated into busy schedules, whilst being tailored to the organisation’s and the delegates’ specific needs.

Workshop available:

Monday to Friday

Topics available:

All Topic Areas are available
as part of this workshop.



For more information on the availability of this workshop, please Call 01483 898 936.

It's amazing to think that we can
enhance the way your business operates,
 in just a few thousand seconds.


Why not try our unique 90 Minutes Development Suite?

In today’s busy working environment key staff are often compromised between the need to learn more and to develop their personal skills against the time available to do this.

It’s new. It’s totally flexible.
It’s incredibly effective.

This revolutionary 5-month programme for a small group of people comprises monthly 90 Minute Nuggets interspersed with one-to-one Colourful Coaching. You literally choose the Topic Areas best suited to your group from the range of courses we offer on our website.

Workshop benefits

The shorter 90 minute duration allows each workshop to be slotted in to busy work schedules minimising disruption to your team. And the one-to-one coaching sessions take place before the following workshop for maximum efficiency and impact.

So you can have a complete 5-month programme of learning and personal development that is incredibly effective whilst totally flexible.


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We offer personal and management development workshops using accelerated learning techniques that incorporate colour, sounds
and creativity:

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